Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)
Keeping Your Computer Safe

With a central monitoring system setup, we are able to monitor your computer 24/7 for any issues that may arise.

When our system detects an issue, we will receive a real time notification.

We DO NOT have any access to your files or personal data, we simply can see if any abnormal data is passing through.

Once we have you onboard with us, all we require is to setup the anti virus and client software to enable us to monitor your computer/s.

We are also able to update your anti virus database & even your windows computer.

ALL this from just £5 per month

Remote monitoring and management is a tool which helps us to monitor networks, and computers remotely.

An RMM IT software is deployed through our system(a small software footprint), which is installed on your systems, workstations, servers, mobile devices, etc. To install the RMM software, you will be emailed a link in which you just follow the on screen instructions.

We then acquire remote monitoring capabilities through the software. The software then sends back your devices' data to us. This information includes machine status, machine health, and more. Therefore, we can deploy our robust RMM tool, gather insight into your network/s. This will able us to monitor machines remotely, maintain them and keep them up-to-date and even get the devices to stay ahead of issues and resolve them remotely.

As an MSP (Managed Service Provider), we are responsible for the health and security of your IT equipment. That means we need the tools to monitor and manage your computer/s efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our monitoring software lets us manage network endpoints, computers, mobile devices, and the entire IT infrastructure remotely from a centralized console. It delivers high-quality capabilities. It doesn't get any more cost-effective than that.

  • Provides up-to-date status information and updates on your software and networks
  • Continuously watching over the status and health of your networks and devices
  • Auto Generate tickets instantly when problems are identified

The RMM system refers to the monitoring software that identifies and reports problems to us, allowing us to fix such identified issues. It involves active maintenance updating the OS, antivirus definitions, defragmenting hard disks, and more. Here is a list of main functions:

  • Collect details on the client's computing systems, applications, and software
  • Generate activity reports and data to MSPs
  • Auto Generate tickets instantly when problems are identified
  • Track network condition
  • Monitor all endpoints and clients concurrently
  • Automate planned maintenance duties

During the process of the installation, An anti virus software called "COMODO Client" & "Endpoint Manager Communication Client" are installed on your workstations, mobile devices, servers, and other equipment.

The software stands as a liaison and communicates about the complete status and health of the device to our system. The software also helps us to get a clear acumen on the device status and gives a heads-up, if there exist any issues and resolves them from remote.

An automated ticket is created, when the software identifies any issues in the machine or network. A ticket is categorised based on the type and the severity of the issue. This stands as a criterion for us to decide and prioritise critical issues and work on them to fix them in the first place.

Key Benefits & Capabilities of Remote Monitoring and Management

Fast setup and deployment

10 minute setup and we can start monitoring your IT equipment in around 30 minutes.

Single-pane-of-glass management

Quickly the entire toolkit is managed through one interface that lets us view, manage, and understand your computer/s.


Built-in wizards lets us standardize and create reusable processes to solve even the most complex issues, increase efficiency, improve quality of service and deepen our relationships with you.

Real-time communication

Chat with us and remotely apply fixes without ever leaving our HQ.

Visibility and reporting

Quickly generate extensive reports as needed on discovered threats, device and computer events, user activity, push statistics, and more.

Latest OS support

We provide a 24/7 service, running the latest OS builds and releases.

LOW cost

Reduce your IT management costs via our platform and tools.

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